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We at Ulterior Security & Intelligence live in the Future. We live in the world intersecting Robotics, Smart Everything, Cyber, Computer Vision, Intent Recognition, Deepfakes, Machine Learning and others you've never even heard of.

We think and operate differently to other s in the Security profession. When we do Risk Management or Threat Assessements, it is through the minds eye of a cyber and future literate opponent. One that will use tools that you barely know exist, much less are prepared for.

However, we're not here to compete with you, but to work with you. We prefer to support those in the Security, Intelligence and Law Enforcement community with the technologyies that we live and breathe.


Knowing is everything.  As Billy Idol said on his 1992 Cyberpunk album "Information is power and currency in the virtual world we inhabit...".

Ulterior loves data and provides a number of services in the Intelligence space including background reports, assessments, analysis, commentary and more.


Are You Ready to Protect your clients with the latest in security technology?

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