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Intelligence & Investigations

Many say Intelligence is common sense... but our experience says it isn't really all that common.


Ulterior are specialists in using OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) to investigate, evaluate people, groups or companies.

We've investigated:

  • Background Checks and Evaluation

  • Fraud

  • Missing persons

  • Corporate identity inconsistencies

  • Data leaks

  • Social media reviews

  • Political or other radical activities

We blend online OSINT with real world classic 'private detective' strategies and activities to provide reports and evaluations.

Ulterior also perform real world (not Cyber) Tiger Team or Red Team Services. This is where, with your permission, we attempt to penetrate your site to either see how far we can get, or with a particular goal in mind.   The purpose of this service is to evaluate your security posture and test your current security processes.

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