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We're a security company that supports security companies like you.

Our Services

Upgrading your Security Business

Do you still want to be in business in 2025?  Sound far off?  It isn't.  It takes time to overhaul your entire operations with new technology and tactic.  You first need to understand the technology and then you need to intergrate it to your SOPs. This is a dramatic change for many and takes time and you need to start now.

Upskilling Your Personnel

We can upskill your key personnel with the skills they need to understand the new battlefield.

White label modular Robotics Security Platform

USI is building a modular robotics/drone security platform which we will be whitelabeling to Security providers.  It is being constructed with the most cost-effective commodity hardware using the latest machine learning and computer vision technologies.


Which way do you turn? Where do you invest? Who do you need to hire? Where is the market going?

It is very easy to burn a lot of money on the wrong technology and on the wrong people.  Do it right the first time. Know first, move first, profit first - and keep your customers before the young new kid blows into town with the new toys... oh... that's us.

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